The spiritual effects of yoga during the birth process


  • Dr Tuğba YILMAZ ESENCAN Üsküdar University, Institute of Health Sciences / Skdar University, Turkey
  • Dr Gülay RATHFISCH Atlas University, Institute of Health Sciences / Skdar University, Turkey



Breath awareness, Labour support, Meditation, Midwife, Yoga at birth


A transition begins to a period in which all emotions intensify together with the physiological, mental and emotional changes that occur during the journey of birth which is shaped with the beginning of birth process. Birth process is a moral and spiritual journey for a woman. In addition to all accompanying symptoms with the start of labour, the woman needs more support with uterus contractions. Yoga and meditation practices during the antenatal period are effective in promoting balance and surrender to the process for women. The mind is set free and perfect unity of body, mind and spirit is ensured in each asana during yoga practices. In each asana during birth process, the body, mind and spirit are united and integrated. In the meantime, the individuals drift apart from the impacts of external environment, introversion is enabled, and thus the labour is let flow. Yoga asanas implemented during labour may be shaped in accordance with the flow of labour and woman’s needs. With these features, perinatal yoga asanas support the mother and foetus physically and spiritually. This compilation aims to examine the effects of aspiritual integrity through yoga.