Communication and dissemination of India's traditional knowledge


  • Dr G Mahesh CSIR-National Institute Science Communication and Policy Research, Dr K S Krishnan, Marg, New Delhi 110 012, India



Communication, Indigenous knowledge, Scientific validation, Traditional knowledge


India's traditional knowledge (TK) goes back to ancient times and spreads across several disciplines. World over, there have been many concerns about TK, including its neglect, misappropriation, erosion, etc. Lately, the lack of effective communication of India’s vast TK among the masses has come into the spotlight. There have also been discourses around scientifically validated TK. This paper, based on a review of literature, looks at TK communication and its challenges. The paper also discusses the recent Indian initiative on communicating scientifically validated TK. It is concluded that for a sustainable future, nations should deeply study the TK and TK practices. Nations such as India that have a rich knowledge base should leverage on the TK. Effective communication of the TK is a vital step towards this end.