Advancement in Green and Eco-friendly Technologies for Industrial waste Remediation


  • Aditya S. Jadhav Department of Chemical Engineering, Sinhgad College of Engineering, Vadgaon, Pune 411041, India
  • Shivam Jagtap Department of Chemical Engineering, Sinhgad College of Engineering, Vadgaon, Pune 411041, India
  • Jotiram G. Gujar
  • Sonali P. Kadam
  • Somnath Nandi
  • Shriram S. Sonawane Dr.Shriram Shaligram Sonawane, B.Tech.,M.Tech.,Ph.D.(Chemical Engineering), (FMAS, FIWWA,FWRA,FWRJ,AMIEI) Professor of Chemical Engineering, VISVESVARAYA NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY [VNIT], NAGPUR-440011 (M.S.) INDIA.


Remediation, Sustainable practices, Bioreactors, Blockchain, IoT, Green Technologies


Industrial waste generation poses significant environmental challenges worldwide, demanding innovative and sustainable solutions for effective remediation. Green innovative technologies (GIT) comprise any innovations that contribute to the development of major products, services, or processes that reduce environmental harm, impact, and degradation while increasing natural resource usage. The overview of the importance and scope of industrial waste management, highlighting the need for sustainable practices was reviewed in this manuscript. Traditional waste remediation methods were discussed, emphasizing their limitations and adverse environmental impacts. In contrast, the principles of green and eco-friendly technologies are introduced, emphasizing their potential to minimize environmental harm and achieve a circular economy.

It focuses on various green technologies for industrial waste remediation, such as biofilters, bioreactors, physio-chemical methods, etc. Additionally, it explores the use of blockchain and IoT (Internet of Things) in waste remediation. This review underscores the need to transition towards green and eco-friendly technologies for industrial waste remediation. Integrating these sustainable practices into industries will require collaborative efforts and partnerships among stakeholders. By implementing and accelerating the adoption of green technologies, industries can contribute significantly to environmental preservation, resource conservation, and a sustainable future.