Prioritizing Agility Factors in IT–Enabled Healthcare Supply Chain under Uncertainty: A Joint ISM–MICMAC Approach



  • Mangesh Joshi Shri Ramdeobaba College of Engineering and Management, Nagpur 440013, Maharashtra, India



Agile supply chain, Decision-making, Interpretive structural modeling, MICMAC analysis, Performance evaluation


The healthcare industry faces constant uncertainties, such as pandemics, regulatory changes, and demand fluctuations. This study is carried out to explore the key agility factors in IT–enabled healthcare supply chains and prioritize them to enhance the system's responsiveness and resilience in the face of uncertainty. To achieve the research objectives, a Joint Interpretive Structural Modelling (ISM) - MICMAC (Matrice d'Impacts Croisés Multiplication Appliquée á un Classment) approach is employed. The ISM methodology helps in developing a hierarchical model that elucidates the inter-relationships among various factors in the Healthcare Supply Chain (HSC). Through ISM, the factors are categorized as per their driving/dependence power. The study identified eleven such critical factors after conducting literature review along with expert’s opinions. Organization Responsiveness occupies the highest hierarchical level and represents desired goals. To achieve these goals, continuous improvement of the lowest-level critical success factors is necessary, which can be achieved through critical examination and alternative solution generation. The subsequent MICMAC analysis further classifies these factors into autonomous, dependent, linkage, and independent categories, providing deeper insights into their impact and interdependencies. The model's hierarchy diagram indicates that 'Management commitment and support' is crucial factor. 'Organization Responsiveness' represents the top-level goals, achievable through continuous improvement of lower-level CSFs (Critical Success Factors) through critical examination and alternative solutions. The uniqueness of this research lies in its adoption of the Joint ISM-MICMAC approach to study Supply Chain Agility (SCA) factors in IT-enabled healthcare supply chains, yielding comprehensive insights beyond traditional analytical methods. Moreover, the focus on IT-enabled solutions adds novelty, considering the ongoing evolution of technology integration in healthcare supply chains.