An Overview and Challenges of Lead Acid Battery Waste Management in Delhi and the National Capital Region


  • Sanoj Jawaharlal Nehru University Delhi


Lead Acid Battery, Waste Management, Recycling, Informal Recycler, Daly


With the economic growth and industrialization after economic liberalization in India, the demand of energy raised exponentially to meet the daily needs of energy, uninterrupted power supply became necessary so is the power back up appliances like inverter. As increase in population the Indian automobile sector grew sharply because of rise in demand of automobiles, Lead acid battery is used for starting, lightning and ignition purposes in automobiles, so consequently rise in LAB application. LAB have an array of application in day today life in various forms but after certain period they become obsolete i.e. become part of waste. So, for meeting the demand present and future generations, recycling of waste LAB becomes necessary. But, If these waste Lead acid battery takes informal pathways, then it poses health and ecological challenges along with resources scarcity. In the present study we are focusing over the present status of lead acid battery waste management in National Capital Region of Delhi India. Furthermore, this study shows the linkages between unsustainable recycling and DALY. And how it is contributing to DALY (Disability Adjusted Life Years) and resources scarcity consequently to burden over the economy.